What Should I Wear to a Yoga Class?

What Should I Wear to a Yoga Class?

Deciding to begin taking yoga classes is a great way to keep your body in shape and your mind focused and relaxed. Beginning any kind of new practice can be daunting, so Bionic Bodies is here to give you some guidance on how to prepare for your first class.

Let’s start at the top, with your face! There’s no need to remove your make up before a yoga class. Even the most active practice won’t leave you sweating heavily. You should make sure to tie back your hair to prevent it from getting in the way of your face during more active poses. Take off any bracelets and necklaces as they will get in the way of your practice.

Some yoga stances can involve hopping, jiggling or quick movement; because of this you should make sure you’re wearing a good quality, properly fitted sports bra. Bionic Bodies offers a range of Baseativa Bra Tops that can support you throughout your practice. For extra support, pair a sports bra with a fitted tank top. Otherwise, wear a t-shirt or a fitted long sleeve top. We offer a range of versatile activewear on our website suitable for yoga, gym or simply for out and about. Yoga studios are usually warm so there’s no need to wear too many layers, although you might like to bring a lightweight hoodie or pullover for less intense classes.

On your bottom half you should wear leggings. Bionic Bodies offers a beautiful range of fashionable leggings which would be perfect for yoga. You must avoid wearing loose fitting jogging pants because you’ll find that these slide up and down your legs when you’re doing active poses. Leggings offer the comfort and flexibility yoga requires and are the perfect fitness apparel for this exercise.

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Finally, most people practice yoga barefoot, although some prefer to keep their socks on. Avoid wearing anklets or toe rings. If you’re going straight from work to the yoga studio you might want to pack some baby wipes in your bag to freshen your feet up.

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