3 Reasons Why Women Should Engage In Weight Training

3 Reasons Why Women Should Engage In Weight Training

Are you afraid of overdoing things in the weights room and ending up with a body like She-Hulk? A common gym myth is that women should avoid weight training as it leads to too much muscle mass making them look bulky and masculine, however, this simply isn’t true. Today’s personal training post is going to talk about the aesthetic and metabolic benefits of weight training to help put your mind at ease.


Do you shun the dumbbells because you fear bulging biceps and popping veins? Or maybe you skip leg day because you don’t want thick thighs. The truth is, women can’t get big and bulky from weight training. To simply explain it, women don’t have the same hormone profile as men and therefore cannot gain enough lean mass to look bulky. You can rest assure that by lifting some weights you’re not going to reach that level of muscle mass. So, now you know that you won’t turn into a bodybuilder, it’s time to consider how weight training can benefit you. 

Regularly incorporating weights into your workout routine is the only way to achieve that tight and toned look most of us aspire to. The reason for this is that muscle is denser than fat – it actually weighs twice as much – and it sits firmly on the body because its fibres have a set pattern to them. Fat, on the other hand, has no natural shape. This is why it jiggles when the surrounding area moves, whereas muscle stays locked in place.

Fat Burning Benefits

If your goal is simply to lose weight then you could be forgiven for thinking that your focus should exclusively be on cardiovascular exercises (‘cardio’). After all, it burns calories and it makes you sweat. However, whilst weight lifting may not seem to burn the same level of calories, the end result of increased muscle mass has metabolic benefits that last long after you’ve left the gym. This is because muscle mass takes more energy to maintain itself – about 3 times as much as fat! Your metabolic rate (the number of calories your body needs to keep itself going) is, therefore, higher when you have muscle than it would be if you weighed the same, but with a higher body fat percentage. By increasing your muscle mass you’re therefore in a better position to burn fat. But don’t demonise cardio either! A combination of both is great for our health and improved body composition.

Forget ‘Masculine’

A final point we’d like to make is about the notion that being muscular and strong is a masculine trait. No matter how hard you train or what level of fitness you achieve, there’s no limit past which you lose your femininity. Skinny, curvy, toned, jacked – we’re all ladies! Let’s not cut each other down or accept any judgment on our physiques. You do you, girls, and don’t be afraid.

And last but not least, in the end, is all down to body fat percentage. If you desire a ‘toned’ physique then your nutrition has to support your goal. In the end, what is ‘toned’? It simply means visible muscle definition that results from a relatively low body fat percentage. In order to reveal all that hard work you put in at the gym, is absolutely essential that you take care of your diet. 

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